Life during The Raj can be full of perils for an English girl, even one raised in India with a parasol in one hand and a rifle in the other. Bunny Spencer's father sends her to London, but the moment she reaches British soil, a nightmarish beast attacks from the shadows. Now stranded in an unfamiliar land with her companion, Anju, Bunny fears for their lives - until she meets a dashing stranger in pilot goggles.
Jim Penderry is a reporter. He’s also a monster hunting enthusiast with a passion for fine dining and a good mystery - not necessarily in that order. When a werewolf appears in London, he’s determined to catch it. Or at the very least, find out why the creature is targeting Miss Bunny Spencer. With the help of the journalists at Penderry’s Bizarre magazine, Jim chases the menace from the foggy streets of London to the colourful bazaars of Bombay. But nothing prepares Jim and Bunny for the secret they're about to uncover, or the danger afoot.

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